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Mar 28

We planned, prepared and really enjoyed our afternoon tea today and Ladybirds and Hedgehogs enjoyed it too!

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  1. Noah
    6:39 pm - 3-28-2018

    I Liked doing the fruit salad

  2. Isla Mawson
    1:13 pm - 4-1-2018

    I liked the tea party because we ate rice crispie cakes and they were yummy.

  3. Scarlett Craven
    7:30 pm - 4-8-2018

    The tea party was lovely, lets do one at home.

  4. Rian White
    2:22 pm - 4-12-2018

    I liked the crowns we made. The cakes were delicious.

  5. Oscar
    7:26 pm - 4-23-2018

    I loved the tea party, especially making the cakes 🍰

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