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Mar 17

Science Week

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During science week we carried out a science experiment and had an assembly with Atomic Tom!


What can you remember?

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  1. Elizabeth Cook
    12:48 pm - 3-18-2018

    It was a bit funny because we used lots of nice materials to get the lego friends out, we even used a hammer!
    I enjoyed playing with the water to get the lego out.

  2. Noah
    8:10 pm - 3-19-2018

    We. Hat. To. rit. A. Bat. the. London Fire.

  3. Lucy-Anne Hever
    6:08 pm - 3-22-2018

    It was really fun to get the logo people out of the ice

  4. Lucy-Anne Hever
    3:46 pm - 3-24-2018

    Miss Gresham I loved it so much it was really fantastic I want to do it a gen but harder miss Gresham it was lovely to do it can we please do it but harder than last time

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