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Mar 05

We planned and wrote some amazing fire poems today. We included some amazing adjectives, used similes and even added some alliteration!


Crackling fire

The fire is as scary as a spider


By Vinnie


Dancing red flames

The flames are as red as a rose

Crispy, dazzling fire


By Fleur


Blazing, cracking fire

The fire is as loud as fireworks

Crimson, crackling fire

Fire as red as Mars

Burning, scarlet flames


By Caleb

What was you favourite simile?



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  1. Lucy-Anne Hever
    6:41 pm - 3-13-2018

    I really enjoyed all the poems but poems but celebs was my favourite because I liked his handwriting.

  2. Elizabeth Cook
    12:51 pm - 3-18-2018

    I really enjoyed writing poems.

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