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Mar 01

Year three wrote stories to share with us today, we really enjoyed listening to them!



What can you remember about them?

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  1. Elizabeth Cook
    2:15 pm - 3-4-2018

    I enjoyed reading with year 3. I read with Holly.

  2. Noah
    7:45 pm - 3-13-2018

    I can remember who was telling the stories, it was Harry Potter

    • Zach
      3:07 pm - 3-20-2018

      What happened in it.

  3. Lucy-Anne Hever
    8:32 pm - 3-14-2018

    It was the best day of my life yes it was

    • Mrs Gresham
      5:50 pm - 3-17-2018

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Do you think we should share some of our stories?

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