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Feb 22

We have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London this week. We have had a great time designing and making Tudor houses and made our own Pudding Lane. We set fire to the houses, starting at Thomas farrier’s bakery just like the real fire!


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  1. Isla Mawson
    7:31 am - 2-24-2018

    I really enjoyed making my Tudor house and setting fire to it.

  2. Oscar
    4:33 pm - 2-24-2018

    Oscar had such a great time doing this and learnt lots.

  3. Amelia-Rose
    5:49 pm - 2-24-2018

    I really liked how the fire spread and the fire went really really high.

  4. Rishab Jain
    2:17 pm - 2-25-2018

    I enjoyed burning the houses and singing the song.

  5. Evie-Mae
    4:14 pm - 2-27-2018

    I really enjoyed making the Tudor house.

  6. Elizabeth Cook
    2:13 pm - 3-4-2018

    The fire spread so quickly because the houses were so close together and the wind blew it. I really enjoyed watching when the big flames started to grow.

    • Mrs Gresham
      5:51 pm - 3-17-2018

      The fire was very exciting wasn’t it!

  7. Lucy-Anne Hever
    6:39 pm - 3-13-2018

    I really enjoyed learning about the great fire of London. I loved making my Tudor house.

  8. Laila and Madison
    3:07 pm - 3-14-2018

    Wow squirrels that look amazing was it fun ?

  9. Noah
    6:47 pm - 3-28-2018

    The fire was biolin

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