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Jan 14

Have you all enjoyed logging in to TT Rockstars?


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  1. Noah
    7:47 pm - 1-16-2018

    Dhacectgey been provided with their own unique username already, as we can’t log in as stating selected incorrect organisations which we haven’t been able to create this please advise?

    • Mrs Gresham
      8:23 pm - 1-16-2018

      The organisation you need to add/select is

      St Luke’s CEVA Primary School, Upton, Northampton

      Hope this helps, if not pop in tomorrow and I can show you!

      Mrs Gresham

  2. Noah
    8:03 pm - 1-16-2018

    Noah has successfully gone through the 2 x table and used what he has learnt about pairs to get to 10 x 2

    • Mrs Gresham
      8:24 pm - 1-16-2018

      Well done Noah!

  3. Amelia-Rose
    6:50 pm - 1-18-2018

    Amelia Rose is really loving doing this and being able to change her avatar however I’m finding that she is struggling with the division and I’m not sure how to explain this to her…any ideas? Thank you

    • Mrs Gresham
      7:41 pm - 1-18-2018

      Well done Amelia-Rose!
      At the moment I am telling the children to skip the division questions because we haven’t started with this in class yet. We will be beginning division after half term and start very practically by sharing with cubes (10 divided by two would be 10 shared into two groups) etc…
      You could begin doing this at home or skip them until we start at school.
      Hope that helps!

      • Amelia-Rose
        6:42 pm - 1-26-2018

        Lovely thank you- are we able to start practicing 10 x on there yet? I’m not sure how or if you can change it.

        • Mrs Gresham
          3:07 pm - 1-28-2018

          10 x table is now on for everyone!

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