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Nov 11

We have had a really exciting start to our superhero topic! The evil Green Shadow stole our lunches and we had to complete a series of team challenges to defeat him! We had a fantastic time!

We then completed a comic strip about our adventures!

In the afternoon we tested our ‘super senses,’ we tasted, smelled, felt, looked at and heard various things, most people preferred the sweet taste of marshmallows and the smell of mint toothpaste.

What did you enjoy about the day?

What was you favourite thing we tasted and smelt?

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  1. Tracey Tew
    3:41 pm - 11-14-2017

    Caleb really enjoyed the laser beams because it was a good challenge 😁

  2. Oscar
    4:59 pm - 11-14-2017

    Looked like a lot of fun.

    • Oscar
      5:00 pm - 11-14-2017

      Oscar liked the doritos the best and really enjoyed the lazor beams.

  3. Elizabeth Cook
    8:39 am - 11-16-2017

    Elizabeth liked going under the laser beams.

  4. Elliot King
    7:22 pm - 11-16-2017

    Elliot really enjoyed superhero day and found the laser’s the most fun!

  5. Noah
    6:13 pm - 11-21-2017

    I loved it, I loved the triangle crackers which smelled salty

  6. Isla Mawson
    6:09 pm - 12-10-2017

    My favourite thing was trying to get out of the laser beams, my favourite thing I tasted was the lemons! 🙂

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