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Nov 11

We have read the story, Eliot Midnight Superhero!

We been using expanded noun phrases to describe Eliot and we have been learning how to write a character description! We learnt a new text map to help us and then we innovated the text map to include our own character and expanded noun phrases.

Who can share some of there expanded noun phrases here?

Don’t forget, expanded noun phrases contain: adjective, adjective noun  (curly, red hair or large, circular glasses.)

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  1. Elizabeth Cook
    8:41 am - 11-16-2017

    Elizabeth has been telling us about expanded noun phrases this morning. She wrote down, purple, sparkly, dress in a story she was writing.

  2. Scarlett Craven
    6:13 pm - 11-16-2017

    scarlett has been telling us about adjectives. She said they describe things.

  3. Evie G
    8:13 pm - 11-16-2017

    Evie G talked about adjective nouns. When I asked her for an example she said “Silver, shines hair” or “soft silver hair”.

  4. Poppy
    8:45 am - 11-19-2017

    Poppy has been telling us about the Eliot Midnight Superhero story and been talking about some adjectives, to describe Eliot.

  5. Noah
    6:15 pm - 11-21-2017

    Red curly hair, red circle glasses

  6. Ryan
    6:42 pm - 11-23-2017

    Red, flowing cape💩

  7. Grayson
    5:01 pm - 11-27-2017

    Grayson has enjoyed retelling parts of this story to us. He told us that adjectives are describing words and he described a character he has made up who has ‘blue sparkly hair with amazing ice powers!’

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