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Oct 19

We have really enjoyed planning and making our dinosaur habitats!


What materials did you use?

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  1. Ryan
    1:18 pm - 10-21-2017

    I used blue paper for the sky in my dinosaur habitat I used green paper for the grass I used pom-poms for my trees in my habitat😄.

  2. Ryan
    4:51 pm - 10-24-2017

    I used fluffy white clouds and I used blue paper for The water and for The sky too🤗.

  3. Rishab
    11:00 am - 10-25-2017

    I like studying dinosaurs and habitats at school.

  4. Noah hyliands
    8:11 am - 11-1-2017

    Noah used cotton wool, cardboard box, paint

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