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Oct 10

We have started to learn our number bonds to 10 and have learnt a number bond rap to help us!

Could you share this at home with your grown ups? Maybe you could teach them how to play Rally Robin with number bonds!

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  1. Isla Mawson
    5:48 pm - 10-11-2017

    I have sang the rap to my mummy all the way home in the car! I love it! Isla Mawson

  2. Grace
    6:40 pm - 10-11-2017

    Grace taught me how to play Rally Robin! It was fun! Well done Grace.

  3. Scarlett Craven
    6:55 pm - 10-11-2017

    Scarlett has been rapping this all evening, we must admit its very catchy and we will all keep practising!

  4. Amelia-Rose Richardson
    6:02 pm - 10-14-2017

    Amelia-Rose loves this! Has been teaching everyone at home this! And loves doing the jive for number 5 xx

  5. Noah
    6:31 pm - 10-14-2017

    Noah said he really enjoys learning all about number bonds and was happy very to show us all about it

  6. Poppy
    1:12 pm - 10-15-2017

    Poppy had fun doing the rap even with her hoarse voice!

  7. Mrs Gresham
    1:23 pm - 10-15-2017

    I am very pleased to see so many of you are enjoying learning your number bonds to ten.

    Well done everyone!

  8. Oscar
    6:24 pm - 10-17-2017

    Oscar has sang the rap to us 😊

  9. Noah
    8:25 pm - 10-17-2017

    Noah enjoyed writing his own number bonds and pictures while we played round robin. Noah then went on to show how number sentences work by using what he learnt from his number bonds to 10.

  10. Rian
    6:16 pm - 10-18-2017

    just rapped this to mum, my favourite one being 8+2= me & you!!

  11. Ryan
    8:03 pm - 10-20-2017

    I practice my number bons to ten😊.

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