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Oct 10


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In Year 1 we are learning so much new vocabulary! This week we have learnt what a nouns is.

Who can remember what a noun is?

Could you share some of your nouns here?

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  1. Isla Mawson
    5:47 pm - 10-11-2017

    Isla’s Noun words are: House, Zoo, Computer, Cat and Dog 🙂

  2. Scarlett Craven
    6:58 pm - 10-11-2017

    Scarlett told us today her mug of milk was a noun and that mummy and daddys cups of tea were too

  3. Rishab
    6:31 pm - 10-12-2017

    My sister(Riya) told me, that some nouns you can not touch like love and compassion. They are called abstract nouns.

  4. Rishab
    6:32 pm - 10-12-2017


  5. Amelia-Rose Richardson
    6:04 pm - 10-14-2017

    Amelia Rose nouns: Airport, cat and dog
    Also has been showing the sign for noun by putting hands on head 😂 X

  6. Oscar
    6:27 pm - 10-17-2017

    Oscar said his favourite noun is Drag Car!

  7. Evie G
    7:28 pm - 10-17-2017

    Evie says that “nouns are words that are thing… a place or a person”
    Evies nouns school, house, grandma, mummy, daddy and Mrs Gresham 🙂

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