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Oct 03

We have made dinosaur fossils this afternoon!

We have also learnt how the dinosaurs became extinct.



Can you remember what we found out?

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  1. Scarlett Craven
    6:30 pm - 10-3-2017

    Scarlett says she made claws and found hard stones that were rock hard. She said she had a Rawsome day 🙂

  2. Noah
    6:58 pm - 10-3-2017

    Noah said a big asteroid came into the planet and wiped all the dinosaurs out

  3. Grace
    6:43 pm - 10-11-2017

    Grace said it was amazing and was so fun, we got to make our own fossils.

  4. Ryan
    7:56 pm - 10-20-2017

    We made dinosaur fossils and teeth and I enjoyed it.

  5. Ryan
    8:22 pm - 10-20-2017

    We liked are follies and carnivore and herbivore teeth🐱.

  6. Ryan
    8:28 pm - 10-20-2017

    We liked our fossils and carnivore and herbivor🐱.

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