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Sep 14

We have been reading Dinosaurs Love Underpants.


We are learning a text map to help us to retell the story.

Can you retell the story at home?


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  1. Scarlett
    6:29 pm - 9-15-2017

    Scarlett has read the text map 🙂

    • Mrs Gresham
      8:09 am - 9-16-2017

      Well done Scarlett!

  2. Grayson
    7:35 pm - 9-18-2017

    Grayson did a fantastic retelling of this story using the text map, to his sister and I tonight! He thought it was a very funny story 😁

  3. Aaron
    6:11 pm - 9-20-2017

    Aaron read the text map to me tonight, he did a great job and I enjoyed it very much 🙂

  4. Ryan
    2:57 pm - 9-28-2017

    I practiced my text map .

  5. Grace
    6:20 pm - 9-28-2017

    Grace read text map to me tonight! Very impressed!

  6. Mrs Gresham
    7:12 pm - 9-28-2017

    Well done to everyone! I am very impressed at how well you have learnt the story and that you are sharing it at home! I am looking forward to seeing your innovated text maps next week!

  7. Rishab
    6:10 pm - 10-1-2017

    I was practicing my text map. I enjoyed it!

  8. Evie G
    7:06 pm - 10-2-2017

    Evie read the text map and did all the actions, it made us smile 🙂

  9. Oscar
    10:03 am - 10-3-2017

    Oscar really enjoyed the story and reading the text map.

  10. Amelia-Rose Richardson
    6:11 pm - 10-14-2017

    Amelia-Rose read the text map to us this evening! Very funny!

  11. Poppy
    7:58 am - 10-15-2017

    Poppy enjoyed re-telling the story from the text map.

  12. Ryan
    8:16 pm - 10-20-2017

    I think we liked are dinosaurs love underpants and I loved it 😸.

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