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Sep 14

We have had an exciting start to Year 1!

We found some strange footprints, we followed them and found a dinosaur egg! Later that week the egg hatched and out came a dinosaur! We talked about how we can look after him. Can you remember what he needs to stay healthy?


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  1. Grayson
    7:37 pm - 9-18-2017

    I think he needs lots of water!

  2. Aaron
    5:58 pm - 9-20-2017

    He needs water, exercise, food and sleep

  3. Noah
    6:54 pm - 10-3-2017

    Noah liked the the orange diplodocus the flying dinosaurs.

  4. Noah
    6:55 pm - 10-3-2017

    Noah said he needs water, dinosaur food (chicken) water , plants to eat

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