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Sep 14

We had an exciting day looking at and learning about dinosaurs and fossils.


What was your favourite part of the day?



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  1. Alexa White
    6:58 am - 9-18-2017

    Looks like the children all had a great day, I know Oscar really enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

  2. Hannah Britten
    4:47 pm - 9-18-2017

    Archie Loved this day as dinosaurs are his favourite. He talked about the Egg hatching and said how everyone got to feel the dinosaur and describe this back to the class.

  3. Isla Mawson
    5:27 pm - 9-18-2017

    I love dinosaurs, my best bit was learning the text map.

  4. Grayson
    7:31 pm - 9-18-2017

    I loved dinosaur day! It was roarsome!

  5. Ryan
    5:36 pm - 9-26-2017

    My favourite bit was seeing the dinosaur egg.

  6. Elizabeth
    7:43 am - 9-28-2017

    When we got to draw the dinosaur. My favourite dinosaur was the diplodocus

  7. Ryan
    8:48 pm - 11-3-2017

    Liked the fake T-Rex and it looked mean and scary The dead T-Rex has sharp pointy teeth?💩

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