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Jan 18


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Miss Marks arranged a visitor to come in today and teach us all about Shabbat! We had a great time and learnt lots!

Can you share what you learnt?



Jan 14


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We have been writing question in our English lessons this week. We received a letter from Buzz Aldrin and wrote back asking him lots of questions about his time in space.

What questions did you ask? Don’t forget to start with a capital letter and end with a ?

Jan 14

2 times table

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We have been learning our 2 times table this week. We have been using counters, gems and cubes to help us.

Has anyone remembered any of the 2 times table?

Jan 14

Times table Rockstars

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Have you all enjoyed logging in to TT Rockstars?


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Jan 04

Moon Zoom

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Happy New Year!

A huge thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts we received for Christmas, we really appreciated them!

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and are ready for the exciting topic this term: Moon Zoom!

We had a great start today with Year 5 coming to teach us what they had learnt about space. The children in Woodpeckers and Grasshoppers had prepared power point displays, posters, quizzes and had worked really hard to plan and teach Year 1 about the planets in our solar system.

Everyone had a great afternoon and learnt so much!


What did you learn this afternoon?


Nov 14

We have had a great afternoon creating puzzle pieces for our anti bullying activities. We all have different pieces but they all fit together just like us!

Can you remember what our anti bullying message STOP means?

Nov 11

Character description

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We have read the story, Eliot Midnight Superhero!

We been using expanded noun phrases to describe Eliot and we have been learning how to write a character description! We learnt a new text map to help us and then we innovated the text map to include our own character and expanded noun phrases.

Who can share some of there expanded noun phrases here?

Don’t forget, expanded noun phrases contain: adjective, adjective noun  (curly, red hair or large, circular glasses.)

Nov 11


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We have had a really exciting start to our superhero topic! The evil Green Shadow stole our lunches and we had to complete a series of team challenges to defeat him! We had a fantastic time!

We then completed a comic strip about our adventures!

In the afternoon we tested our ‘super senses,’ we tasted, smelled, felt, looked at and heard various things, most people preferred the sweet taste of marshmallows and the smell of mint toothpaste.

What did you enjoy about the day?

What was you favourite thing we tasted and smelt?

Oct 19


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We have really enjoyed planning and making our dinosaur habitats!


What materials did you use?

Oct 18

Topic homework

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Topic homework

Next term our new topic will be superheroes! Over half term we would like your child to enjoy learning about their favourite superhero ready to show in school. This could be presented in anyway, such as a posters, models or a fact file.

Homework will be shared and celebrated across the year group and will be rewarded with gold tokens.

Please could we have all projects in for Tuesday 31st October.

Don’t forget to embrace your inner superhero!