Caterpillars Blog

May 14


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We had a lovely afternoon reading in the sunshine!


May 14


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Our Caterpillars finally turned into butterflies on Friday after our assembly. This afternoon we released them in the school garden.

May 12


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Well done to everyone for all of your amazing homework, we enjoyed sharing it in class!

May 12

Twycross Zoo

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We had a fantastic time at the zoo!

What was your favourite animal?

Mar 28


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We planned, prepared and really enjoyed our afternoon tea today and Ladybirds and Hedgehogs enjoyed it too!

Mar 17


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We have been learning about fractions this week and are becoming very good at finding half of a shape and a number!

Next week we are learning about quarters!

Mar 17

Science Week

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During science week we carried out a science experiment and had an assembly with Atomic Tom!


What can you remember?

Mar 05

Fire Poetry

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We planned and wrote some amazing fire poems today. We included some amazing adjectives, used similes and even added some alliteration!


Crackling fire

The fire is as scary as a spider


By Vinnie


Dancing red flames

The flames are as red as a rose

Crispy, dazzling fire


By Fleur


Blazing, cracking fire

The fire is as loud as fireworks

Crimson, crackling fire

Fire as red as Mars

Burning, scarlet flames


By Caleb

What was you favourite simile?



Mar 01

Sharing Stories

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Year three wrote stories to share with us today, we really enjoyed listening to them!



What can you remember about them?

Mar 01

World Book Day

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We have all had a great day today! Look at our amazing costumes!